Wednesday, April 29, 2009

DVLP Buttons and card information are finally here! You can pick one up at the MCAD Commencement exhibition on May 16th!

Flannel Scarf

So what do you do with a lone, half-burnt candle? Or maybe even five of six different half-burnt candles? Recycle them, of course! The can look gaudy on their own, so I decided to melt them together. In the process, I was hoping for a murky brown color, but it turned out a rich violet. I also went to Savers off of Hiawatha and Lake Street in Minneapolis and found some unique looking tea cups. I enjoyed the design and colors on the cup, but I'm more of a simple kind of gal so I decided to paint the cups white (giving it that nice clean ceramic look).

I still need to do another round of pouring wax into the cup, because apparently the wax caves in once it cools down. the final photos will be up before you know it!

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